In this section of our website you will find a variety of pizza recipes that you will know of such as the pizza margherita, pizza diavola and quattro formaggio.

Where once pizza was only found in the streets of Italy you can now get pizza anywhere in the world and has adopted many favourite variants.

Where we come from in Italy,  the Lazio region, we have many of our own pizza recipes and also started the pizza al taglio method.  This is where you buy pizza by the slice. that has been cooke in long rectangular trays.  You will find this throughout Italy in many pizzerias.

Whether you are a fan of the traditional thin crust Italian pizza or you prefer a more American deep pan, you can still enjoy the recipes we have here.

Many of you will probably have a had a frozen pizza or two in your time, well I hope that when you take a look through our  how to make your own pizza dough recipe then you will never buy another frozen pizza again!

Pizza really is a family favourite and the children would probably eat it every night!  Please browse through our pizza recipes and start making those pizza recipes you always wanted.