From Lasange to Carbonara

In this section we have what many people think about when you ask them about Italy and that is Italian pasta recipes.  I pretty much grew up on a variety of Italian pasta recipes and here I have added all the ones that you would immediately think of Such as LasagneSeafood Linguini and Spaghetti carbonara to name but a few . If you are someone who really loves their pasta then you might want to try making your own pasta which you can find out how to do in our How To section.

I hope you enjoy our Italian pasta recipes and if you fancy something afterwards why not try one of our Italian chicken recipes or if you want to try an Italian starter try one of our delicious Italian appetizer recipes. We also welcome you to  Submit your own recipe for everyone to try.



canneloni recipe

Cannelloni Recipe

4.5 of 5 40 Minutes

Cannelloni are another classic Sunday Italian recipe.  There are, as you can imagine, many different varieties from many different regions.  You can make: Chicken cannelloni Beef cannelloni Seafood Cannelloni Spinach...

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Lasagne Recipe | Lasagna

Lasagne Recipe | Lasagna

0 of 5 70 Minutes 1 tray

Yes, that right we have the two spellings here Lasagne and lasagna.  As we all know people tend to spell things as they sound and lasagne sounds like lasagna when...

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pasta bake

Pasta al’ forno | Pasta Bake

0 of 5 80 Minutes

Here we have a real hearty Italian recipe in a pasta bake.  The pasta bake is known as “pasta al forno” ( or pasta in the oven) in our house. ...

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Pasta Puttanesca

0 of 5 20 Minutes

Pasta puttanesca literally means whore’s pasta.  Yes indeed, Very naughty! Only an Italian could call a food dish by this name! I have recently become a really big fan of...

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penne arrabiata

Penne Arrabiata

0 of 5 15 Minutes

Penne arrabiata is a fiery little recipe and one that literally means “angry penne”.  If you are a chilli lover then this arrabiata is one of the great Italian pasta...

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Seafood Pasta

0 of 5 30 Minutes

Well here we have a great summer dish.  Seafood pasta.  I will always make this Italian recipe when it is summer time as it is a great summer recipe.  For...

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