Zabaglione | Zabaione | Sabayon

Zabaglione | Zabaione | Sabayon

The fantastic zabaglione is such a great Italian dessert recipe that the French have almost taken it as their own and many of you will have heard of the French Sabayon.  This is the zabaglione and it is so incredible and diverse that you can actually, and I do this sometimes, use it when making my Homemade Tiramisu.

The zabaglione is a delicious rich creamy textured dessert which I think is known as eggnog in the English speaking countries.

I first had this when I was a very young child in Italy and our family had some farmland with chickens and in the morning I would always ask to see if any eggs had been laid and then run and get them.  Then my aunties would make me this recipe (without the alcohol) and also without the slight cooking which I do not recommend.  But I remember the zabaglione being so delicious and was one of my favourite things growing up as a child.

Anyway, that is enough of me reminiscing about the past, let’s see what ingredients, and there are not many, that are needed for this zabaglione:

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