Tiramisu | Italian Classic Dessert

I have to admit that this Tiramisu recipe here is not actually one of “Papa’s Italian Recipes” but actually “Zia’s Italian Recipe”.

When I was nine years old I was sent to stay with my Zia and Zio ( aunt and Uncle) for two months in the summer and it is one of the most memorable and enjoyable periods of my life.  One of those memories was the delicious tiramisu that she would make.  It is my absolute favourite tiramisu (sorry Papa) and I have tried to make it as good and I am not too far off.

As far as tiramisu recipes go you can have so many variations of what alcohol to use, what chocolate, any chocolate fruit the list goes on.

The tiramisu recipe here is an authentic, traditional tiramisu and actually quite an easy Italian dessert recipe to make.  We make it in trays so there is always plenty for tomorrow!I hope you enjoy it.

Let’s see what ingredients are in this tiramisu recipe.

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