Pasta Puttanesca

Pasta puttanesca literally means whore’s pasta.  Yes indeed, Very naughty! Only an Italian could call a food dish by this name!

I have recently become a really big fan of this pasta puttanesca recipe as I love the rich tanginess of the puttanesca  sauce.

The name pasta puttanesca has many stories of it’s origins and name, none of which are wholly reliable.

Pasta alla puttanesca is generally thought to be from the campania region but is also seen to crop up where we are from, the Lazio region.

In this puttanesca recipe I will be making spaghetti puttanesca but you may substitute the spaghetti for any other pasta you prefer such as penne or linguini.

This spaghetti puttanesca is quite a quick pasta dish to prepare and make and I absolutely love it so let get cracking!

Ok, lets see what ingredients we are going to need for this spaghetti puttanesca recipe.

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