Lasagne Recipe | Lasagna

Lasagne Recipe | Lasagna

Yes, that right we have the two spellings here Lasagne and lasagna.  As we all know people tend to spell things as they sound and lasagne sounds like lasagna when pronounced so that is why I included it in the title there.

Now, in my lasagne (not lasagna, which is a singular sheet!) recipe I am going for the classic beef lasagne recipe.  As well as the meat lasagne recipe here you can also choose to make a vegetarian lasagne recipe which I have made on a few occasions for my vegetarian amico’s (and amica’s 😉 ).

Hopefully, after following the steps exactly as they are set out below you will have for yourself the most delicious beef lasagne recipe you have tasted.

This popular lasagne recipe is from the Emilia Romagna region in Italy and is one of the most well know Italian recipes.

In this lasagne recipe we do not show you how to prepare the  bolognese sauce (ragu) and bechamel if you want to know how to make bolognese  or  bechamel Sauce  then please first check out our How To page then come back here to the lasagne recipe page once they have been prepared. Do the bolognese first then the bechamel.

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