La Focaccia

La Focaccia

Quite simply focaccia is one of my favourite things in the world.  I absolutely love focaccia with rosemary and would be happy eating it every day with some fresh buffalo mozzarella and prosciutto.  The classic focaccia is made in the region of Liguria and is one of the regions capital city Genoa’s signature Italian recipes.

Here I will be making as close to the classic you can get but with the addition of, you may have guessed,  rosemary.  You may omit this if you wish and you can add anything you like to your focaccia be it tomatoes, olives, capers literally anything that takes your fancy.

First things first here you need the homemade pizza dough recipe which you can find by clicking the link in the ingredients.

IMPORTANT!!  At the point where you have needed your dough and are about to leave it to rise you need to do something a little differently so firstly go make your dough and then come back here and read below what we do to when you have finished kneading and are ready to make the focaccia.

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