Italian Sunday Roast Chicken

Italian Sunday Roast Chicken

Here is something that many of you will be familiar with, especially in Britain where I live, and that is a roast chicken.  Traditionally eaten on a Sunday a roast chicken is one of the three main roasts that are prepared for that family Sunday.  The other two are beef and lamb (although we did have gammon sometimes which is one of my favourites!).

Italian Sunday roast chicken however is quite different to how you would normally go about cooking a traditional roast chicken and that is with the addition of some really Italian flavours and herbs.  This gives your traditional rost chicken a mediterranean twist and can really liven up a rost chicken dinner.

I bet once you have made this Italian Sunday Roast Chicken yourself you will soon change to it on a more perminant basis.

Below are the ingredients needed for to make an Italian Sunday roast chicken dish.

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