fresh homemade pasta

Fresh Homemade Pasta

There really is nothing better than having made your own  Fresh Homemade Pasta.  I remember as a child coming home from school and there being what seemed like a jungle of pasta sheets in my kitchen with strips of pasta hanging down from the wooden poles that were put up.  This is one of the greatest and earliest cooking memories I have and is one of the reasons I love making homemade pasta so much.

Making fresh homemade pasta is so easy that once you make it yourself and follow this homemade pasta recipe you will be creating those pasta jungles in your kitchen for your children to remember.

With this homemade pasta recipe I have included the semolina flour but if you cannot get this or you do not want it then you can just use 200g of the 00 flour instead.  I am also using the traditional rolling pin technique but if you can get your hands on a pasta maker that will make life a whole lot easier for you.

Ok let’s see what ingredients we need for this homemade pasta recipe:

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