Beef Carpaccio Recipe

Beef carpaccio is one of those recipes that gets people saying things like “I don’t eat raw meat”.  Well believe me many people before you and many after you will utter these words then they will dare try some of this carpaccio recipe and then forever they will be beef carpaccio lovers!

I remember when I first tried beef carpaccio when I was a young kid. It was in a restaurant actually.  I said“what’s this papa” and he said it was salami or something. You know like parents do when they are trying to get you to try something, and I thought it was amazing.

This beef carpaccio recipe I am making below is an extremely simple carpaccio recipe that you can do in little under 5 minutes if your beef is pre sliced otherwise ten minutes.

Lets take a look at what we need to make this beef carpaccio recipe:

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