My love of Italian food and hense why you are reading this right now is down to my Italian father.  Italian food is what I was brought up eating and I holidayed there every year.  Growing up in England and having an Italian family meant that my friends would always want to come round our house for dinner because they knew they would get a real banquet as most only ever had one dish at home.  Anyone who knows Italian families knows that it is a three course at least.

So that was childhood and my love carried on into adulthood.  My father, who did all the cooking in our house, was a chef and ran multiple restaurants so you can get the idea of the quality of food we had.

My first venture in cooking came about when I was around eight or nine years old.  I used to make pizzas at one of my fathers pizza parlours (for myself) and it carried on from there.

I hope you enjoy this site and please let us know if there is a recipe you would like us to show you or feel free to Submit your own Recipe for everyone to try.

Buon Appetito!